Product Updates

These are features and improvements we’ve recently shipped and what we’re currently working on, starting next.
June 29, 2021
Duplicate Projects

We’ve added the ability to duplicate any project! Simply click the context menu icon (•••) to duplicate the project. You can also duplicate the project using the context menu on the project listing screen. When you click “Duplicate”, you’ll see a modal where you can adjust the key information before the project is duplicated.

Duplicate Projects

June 25, 2021
Dynamic General Income Modal

We’ve optimized the modal in the General Income screen to only show the relevant fields for the selected form/income type.

May 15, 2021
User Preferences

We’ve added a new user preference area to the “My Account” section. Currently, we only offer one user preference which is “Show summary rows even when empty” and turned OFF by default. That means by default, we’ll hide rows from the summary tabs within a return if they don’t contain any data. However, you can choose to view all rows in the summary tabs using this new user preference. This will help you focus on only the relevant data and optimize the efficiency of your teams workflow.