TaxExact verifies the results of tax returns done with your existing tax software.

A tax verification and workflow management tool that eliminates costly errors and reduces review time

TaxExact fits seamlessly into your existing tax preparation process.

Quickly verify the accuracy of every tax return by creating an independent expectation that you can compare to your existing tax preparation software.
Prepare the Return

Create the return in your existing tax preparation software.

Compare the Results

Quickly re-create the return in TaxExact and compare the results for accuracy.

Submit Accurate Returns

Review your team’s work in just a few minutes and submit an error-free return.

Prepare the Return
TaxExact helps preparers avoid common mistakes

Preparers can either quickly create a TaxExact expectation before preparing the return, or, they can use TaxExact as a sort of ‘reviewer’ before sending the return up for first review. 

TaxExact helps preparers isolate and correct any errors up front, teaching preparers the tax code behind the inputs and saving your firm avoidable and expensive time catching basic errors at the reviewer level.

Compare the Results
Reviewer time is minimized, allowing reviewers to focus on ADVISING.

Tax Exact saves hours of expensive billable time for reviewers, eliminating the bottleneck often created at this level. A quick verification of the return using TaxExact will isolate any errors or discrepancies immediately. 

When reviewers are able to see an independent expectation of the tax return that matches the return exactly, they can turn their time and attention to advising clients on key financial indicators in the return. Client relationships expand, and higher value services grow.

Submit accurate returns
Error-free tax returns, no tax notices, and higher realization.

TaxExact reduces final review time to an average of 15-30 minutes per return. Coupled with the confidence in knowing returns are accurate, firms improve realization when time doesn’t have to be spent on corrections after the fact- or addressing tax notices.